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This past weekend I had a great time visiting with friends at the beach - Ocean Isle, NC. As luck would have it, we seemed to avoid the rain most of our visit. There is something about just hanging out with friends. Limited use of cell phones and just one-on-one time with each other. Looking forward to next year's Memorial Day celebration.

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Oh - to be a kid again! This past weekend I enjoyed a sleepover with my friends Brett, Holly and their daughter Bella. It just happened to coincide on a day where I also had a commitment to watch my niece and nephew. Of all of the fun activities (balloons, pizza for dinner, glow sticks, brushing teeth to a special app. and watching morning cartoons), I would have to say my favorite two images were of Ella reading a book to Bella and Chase and a picture of Holly and Bella on Sunday morning (still in PJs). For the next sleepover we'll plan to go camping in the backyard, along with a fire pit and making S'mores. What great experiences! 

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Mr. Bubble What is it about images that bring us back in time? I think it would be brilliant for some companies to market some of their old advertisements or product labels. Visit any Cracker Barrel store and you'll instantly be brought back in time. That is of course if you're old enough. Just yesterday I was in Walmart and came across this bottle and had to buy it. Today, your challenge is to visit some of your old photos or reconnect with a long lost friend. Enjoy!

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"Take a picture, it'll last longer!" The other day I was visiting Metrolina Expo here in Charlotte. If you like old things, it's a great place to walk around and browse. Who knows, you just might leave with a purchase or two. While walking through one of the buildings, I noticed a bunch of old photographs scattered on top of a coffee table. Since I had nowhere urgent to be, I took a seat and started looking through the images. I started thinking of the families and wondering about the back story. Other than the sense of smell, photographs have a special way of bringing us back in time. If you don't believe me, just take a moment to revisit your high school yearbook. Photographs are important because they are historical, stop time, elicit emotion, tell a story and leave a legacy. So, the next time that your home is filled with laughter, pick up a camera for just a moment and capture the moment. Here are three of the images that I discovered on that table. The one that I love most is the image on the right. What would be your caption for that expression (the woman on the left)? 

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The joy of checkmarks!

There is something exciting about checking something off of a list. A certain sense of completion. Only while visiting my niece did I realize all ages love checkmarks! 

As kids, we likely had some sort of goal to reach. Maybe it was graduating from diapers, starting kindergarten or saving up to buy something special. With some of these goals came a chart. One that we could check off as we completed parts of our mission. 

So the next time you get exciting about crossing something off of your list, remember where it all began. 

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Safe and secure in Mom's embrace I love this image for so many reasons. I decided to frame the image to only give you the essence of mom. The natural light does a great job highlighting the details of Juniper's face. Besides, who doesn't love the sight of a sleeping baby (especially mom and dad - sleep, what is that?). I like how Juniper has her one finger gently extended. It gives more interest to her tiny little hands. Piper's arms and hands help to frame the lower portion of the image. The strength and grace in her hands convey a loving embrace of a mother. I chose to process in black and white so that your eyes are drawn to Piper's arms, hands and the detail in Juniper's tender face. Hope you enjoy the image as much as I do. 

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When the heart sings in perfect pitch "Mrs. Redmond, you may want to have your son tested. We think he may have a learning disability." These were the words passed along to my mother from my kindergarten teacher. They couldn't seem to understand why I wasn't joining the other kids during playtime. Instead, you could find me on the side of the room just observing everyone else. What may seem odd at the time, actually makes perfect sense now. We all have one thing that makes us unique: That one thing that makes our heart sing in perfect pitch. And some may be blessed to have more than one thing that makes them unique. The challenge we all face is finding that voice. For me, it's always been the gift of observation. 

Whether it was sitting on the side of the room while observing my classmates play or knowing what feels right with the composition of an image, I'm always observing the world around me. And I love it! So, wouldn't it make sense that I also have found my voice in photography. I was able to see this more clearly when viewing the work of Kirsten Lewis ( One thing she is known for is her "Day in the Life" sessions. This is where she will spend a day in the life of a family. Most of the images are photojournalistic in nature. They are images that tell a story, and are far from posed. Her images capture personality, a moment in time, a connection, an emotion, an event. And although many may not know it, these are the type of images that they too treasure most. Sometimes tradition doesn't let us explore other options. If all we know is the annual trip to Walmart for a family portrait, we may not know any better. Thinking outside of the box, we could instead have images from the time the kids made breakfast on Mother's day, the first day of school, a family vacation, Christmas morning, prom. The events are endless. Taking prom as an example, imagine more than just the formal pictures of your child and their date. Instead, you might have shopping for the dress, getting ready, the look on your face as you see your child looking so beautiful/handsome. Instead of worrying about capturing the images yourself, you are able to enjoy the moment while someone else captures it for you. How cool would that be! Besides, you too would be included in the images. A blessing not only for you, but also for your child. They want to be able to look back at images and be able to see mom or dad in the pictures. 

Although this style of photography may not speak to everyone, I'm glad to realize that it sings to me. And for that, I'm truly excited!

Thank you for letting me share my story with you. 


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Enchanted Forest Every now and then you end up with nature providing some awesome lighting. What I love most about this image is how it draws you in. You want to travel the path just to see what's on the other side. This was taken at Mount Mitchell. I've been told it's the highest elevation east of the Mississippi. What a great experience!



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A moment in time I love the idea of a pictorial time capsule. What would you include in yours? 

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Sometimes all it takes is a driveway and some wheels

"Look how fast I can go!"

Ella got her first bicycle the other day and what fun it was to watch her racing up and down the driveway. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we seem to lose that simple sense of adventure. Just spending time with the kids gives me a fresh look at life. One full of energy. 

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Life's remote control

You see it in movies like Back to the Future, Groundhog Day or Hot Tub Time Machine (Yes, I did just reference Hot Tub Time Machine): The ability to travel through time and take away lessons from our future. What if life gave us a remote control? One that would allow us to fast forward and see if this moment in time will really matter a year from now (or next week for that matter). And then hit rewind in order to give ourselves a note from the future. On life's remote control, sometimes these two buttons can be the most useful, but are often the least used. 

We live in a fast-paced world that can sometimes seem overwhelming. Maybe it's stress at work, the lack of patience in finding a new home, frustration with trying to find a work-life-balance or a lack of patience in trying to understand the meltdown of a 5 year old. This would be the perfect time to use the rewind button. Sure, it doesn't seem like such a big deal now that "...we can't go to the pool". But for that 5 year old, their world might as well have just ended.  "What do you mean we can't go? You are the worst parents ever."  Only a loving parent is able to go back in time, remember what it was like to be a 5 year old, validate that child's feelings and offer a loving embrace. 

So the next time, you feel overwhelmed, hit pause and remember that "You've been here before" and it all worked out in the end. 

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What was she thinking?


One of the things that I enjoy most about visiting an art museum is when you are able to ponder what the subject may have been thinking when the image was captured. What was their story? What was the balance of their life experiences? During a moment with Bella at the playground, I was able to capture this image of her two and half year old gaze. With someone young, we also can't help but think about where their journey will lead them. Life is full of character when we stop to take it all in. 

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Pink tutu and Yellow dandelion As things were winding down, Parker had no shortage of energy. She came running by with dandelion in hand and her tutu ruffling as she darted to the other side of the pavilion. She stopped for a moment to examine her wilting dandelion. I couldn't help but raise my lens and capture this beautiful image. I love the juxtaposition of the scraped knees and running shoes combined with the grace of the tutu and a "flower". The image was captured here in Charlotte at the Metrolina Expo and Parker is the daughter of our very own news anchor, WBTV's Molly Grantham. Happy Birthday Parker! Today she turned 3 years young. 

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It's not about the acoustics The sound of laughter

When thinking of your dream home, what features are most important to you? Maybe it's square footage, great schools, a large kitchen or a man cave. Even the ideal house is far from complete if you don't fill it with the sounds of joy. 

While visiting a dear friend, I was reminded of the joy found in hearing the sounds of laughter. Aside from all of the effort that goes into hosting a get together at your home, it's all worth it when you take the time to stop and listen to all of the conversations and laughter taking place at the same time. There is something about those sounds that touches our heart. I would argue that it's the love between those people that makes all of the difference. It's not about the acoustics. 

The other day I saw a touching YouTube video that captures the essence of this thought ( ). A 4 year old is brought to tears while listening to the song "Say Something" by A Great Big World. Have you ever cried at a movie? If we removed the soundtrack, would you have the same response? On the other hand, what if you could add your own soundtrack to a moment in time. In many ways, we do have that soundtrack. Instead of music, we find laughter, little feet running on hardwood floors, the sound of toys or a bedtime story being read. Take time today to sit in the next room over and listen to all of the joyful sounds that fill your home. 1 Corinthians 13 says, "If I speak...but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal." Love is the secret ingredient.




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True magic can't be staged If you want to capture true magic, it requires trust, patience and the ability to become invisible. If I think of any great nature photographer, I can imagine the amount of time and patience needed while waiting for that perfect moment. You also need a certain amount of stealth. But the reward is well worth it. As photographers, we are blessed to be totally in a moment while capturing an image that conveys so much depth and feeling. 

As a portrait photographer, there is one other essential component - trust. Only after having built rapport with your subject, will they truly let you into their world. The more time you can spend with a person, the more comfortable they become with the camera. And before you know it, they forget that you are taking pictures. It's only then, that you can capture true magic!

In this photograph, I had time on my side. The official photo session had ended and I got to spend extended time with this family while attending a birthday party. Emily was totally focussed on the mystery of this bubble. Instead of staging a shot, I was able to find so much more in this candid moment. 

Hoping you find some time this week to witness the magic around you. 

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Who says it doesn't cost you anything If you've come from the hospitality world, you may have heard of the 15/5 rule. When you are within 15 feet of a guest, you are to acknowledge them with eye contact and a smile. Within 5 feet, greet that guest. And I've always been told that a smile was the easiest thing to give, because it doesn't cost a thing. If that's true, why do so many people find it hard to acknowledge others with a smile? Does it really take fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown? And why is it when photographing boys, they often loose the smile? Instead, they feel the need to look tuff. 

I would argue that there is a cost in giving a smile - the cost of our vulnerability. When we smile to a stranger there is sometimes a fear of the unknown. Will they misinterpret my smile? Will they reject my smile? So the easier thing to do, at times, is to show indifference. With technology today, I would argue that the one thing we need most is feeling significant. With texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc., we all seem to long for face to face interaction with others. And by giving a smile, we may be giving a stranger the most valuable thing that is needed at that very moment. If you're someone that doesn't often smile to strangers, I challenge you to try an experiment. For the next week, try greeting others with an authentic smile and see if your effort makes the difference in just one person's life. You may be surprised. And the next time someone says that a smile doesn't cost anything, agree with them and add that it may be the most valuable thing one can offer. 

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Not just in the movies You know the type of movie. Through a series of unlikely circumstances, two people meet. And against all odds, we find that they fall in love and live happily ever after. Sure, it may sound too good to be true. They are both just following the script that was written for their characters. How could something so good really ever happen in real life. I call it the Brady Bunch ending. You show me a mixed family today with six kids and I'll show you something as far from the Brady Bunch as The Family Guy is from Leave it to Beaver. We are all jaded by our life experiences. And when we do experience something wonderful, we look for the down side. We sometimes sabotage it, before finding out if it could actually be true. Or worse yet, it so foreign to us that we don't even recognize it. 

Today, I find myself rooting for the underdog in a real life love story. While at the bank, I needed to open a separate account and was introduced to my banker, Brandon. Sometimes there are people that you meet that put you immediately at ease. They approach you as though they already know you. As close of a greeting as you might expect from your dog. Instead of a wagging tail, it's that person's smile. Brandon has that way about him. He also has a youthful innocence about him. One that we find in ourselves as well, but sometime hidden behind a fortress of protective walls. As a result of that innocence and openness, I quickly learned a lot about Brandon through him sharing his story. Every one of us has a story to tell. What I found interesting about Brandon's story is that it seemed like something right out of a movie. One day, while working with a client, the mature woman asked Brandon if he was available. To which he responded yes. She then said, "you need to meet my granddaughter". Sight unseen, he agreed to meet her. Through coaxing on her part, she was able to get her granddaughter to text Brandon. And wouldn't you know it, their relationship has begun. Just last night, after weeks together, they decided to commit themselves to a relationship. I know that we are barely past the movie trailers, and still have much of the movie to go, but I'm still hopeful that their relationship will last. Just as I was leaving, I was given some strength in that hope. Brandon told me about a book that he has always wanted to write and one that I'm sure he will. Brandon has had the benefit of observing many successful relationships within his family. Through this modeling, he has figured out the keys to staying together. The book gives us some advice about successful relationships and encompasses three key ingredients. Although I would love to share them with you now, I might just give away his idea before he has had the chance to complete his book. I can't wait till the end of the movie, but for now, I'll have to wait. 

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What was I thinking!? The other day I saw a Youtube video where Ellen Degeneres put out a challenge to her viewers. Since she didn't have many photos of when she was young, she was hoping that someone out there would have some to send in, which they did. The greatest thing about photos is when you discover one from years gone by. In one sense it's a reflection of you. In another, you feel that you are looking at someone you used to know - that cocky teenager with a rebellious attitude. Got to love the hat and cutoff jeans. Did you ever think what advice you would give to your former self if you could? Maybe you have that opportunity with your children. Or would you ask yourself a question or two? Looking at this photo, it would be, "Why so serious?". Lighten up and smile." Maybe though I was focused in order to avoid a crash. I would hate to lose the hat. 

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What ever happened to refrigerator boxes? One of the toys that I enjoyed most as a child was a refrigerator box. The possibilities were endless - Let's build a fort, truck, spaceship, castle or an observation station for feeding birds. How about a few sheets and a living room's worth of furniture? It was the simple things that we could play with for hours. And why should it be any different with children today? 

Today I joined my friends Brett, Holly and Bella at the Columbia Zoo. This being Bella's first visit to the zoo, you would think that she would be fascinated by all of the animals. She was for a short time, then her focus would shift to the llama poo. They even had a children's t-shirt in the gift shop that read, "Poo at the Zoo".  Bella also loved climbing on the rocks inside the penguin house. Maybe there is a lesson that we can learn from our younger counterparts - "Keep it simple". 

For anyone that might be interested to know, my preference of Zoos would have to be the Columbia Zoo versus the Asheboro Zoo. It was much more compact, you can get closer to the animals and the grounds are beautifully landscaped (something I'm sure only I would notice). 

Thanks Holly and Brett for allowing me to join you today. I had a great time!

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More than just clouds Have you ever been captivated by nature? For me it can be clouds or even a special oak tree. I remember when I lived in California, I would always pass by a single oak tree on the edge of a field. It first caught my attention one morning while driving on the highway. I then started to look for it during my drive to work each day. There was something about the beauty and symmetry of this tree. Whether it's a beautiful tree or a captivating sky, I'm always reminded of something much bigger than any circumstance that I may be struggling with. For me, that something bigger is God and for you it may be something different. It's great every now and then to be able to put things in perspective. From what I understand, having kids will also help put things in perspective. I remember one day asking a friend how was he was doing. At the time, things weren't so great, but his reply seemed odd to me. He said, "At least I have my health". Being young, with no health problems, I couldn't fully appreciate what he was saying. In 2006, I ended up in a hospital, on a ventilator and close to death. After that experience, I have a new respect for the words, "At least I have my health". So much of the way we see our world is shaped by our life experiences. My hope is that you look around today and notice those things of beauty right in front of you. This afternoon while driving, I couldn't help but notice all of the different types of clouds and colors int he sky. I pulled into a Home Depot parking lot and took some pictures. Although this was one of the clouds that I saw this afternoon, it isn't the one I wished to share with you. Unfortunately, that picture didn't quite capture all of the color variations that made it special. 

Enjoy the day!

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A Father's Love Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of taking pictures at the South End Chick-fil-A on South Blvd. This evening they hosted "South End's 2013 Daddy Daughter Date Night". I have a lot of respect for the father's that attended. You set a great example for your daughters. Madison, Carrie and the entire family at South End were incredible. If you want only the best in customer service, be sure to visit them soon (3015 South Blvd.). It would be their pleasure to serve you. 

Madison and Carrie, Thanks for the opportunity!

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Where is the man in the moon? I love the cool nights in Charlotte - 65 degrees tonight. While outside I couldn't help but notice the full moon. It's amazing how much light is reflected back to earth. After underexposing a picture, I couldn't believe the amount of detail for a camera. And yet, no man in the moon. Doesn't it sort of remind you of a  plump grape with age spots? As I sit typing this, I'm also enjoying the sound of crickets. Peace out bean sprout! Time for bed. 

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Trouble in 14 years (maybe sooner) I had the pleasure of visiting with Holly, Brett and of course Bella this evening. I've been blessed to know Holly and Brett and now get to see their love for Bella. Whenever you see a happy child, you see the byproduct of a loving parent(s). Brett assured me that he has his ax ready for the time that boys come calling for Bella. Luckily for now, that day is many years off.

Thanks for the t-shirt! I love you guys, Jim 8K3B65908K3B6590

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Surprise visit Usually, I'm the one dropping in on people. This time the tables were turned. Sorry Susan for the obstacle course. You are a wonderful sister and mother. So glad to have you in my life, and so close. Thanks for the pizza!

Hope you know how much I love you. 

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